Keep a cool head under fire ™

PGI, established in 1942, has over a half century of experience producing flame resistant garments. PGI’s COBRA hoods are the premier brand of flame resistant hoods in the industry, and are specified at thousands of end-user companies globally.  Millions of COBRA knit hoods have been manufactured for a variety of industries, including:










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PGI Has made a commitment to continual improvement of protective fabrics through innovative research and development.  Over a quarter of century ago we developed our amazingly soft and breathable COMFORT-PLUS™ fabric.  We took two proven flame resistant fiber work horses – DuPont’s Nomex® and Lenzing Fiber’s Lenzing FR® and blended them together to create an exceptionally durable and comfortable flame resistant fabric which wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively than other fabrics. Today this blend is by far the most popular hood fabric on the market. Another major PGI fabric development was our CARBON SHIELD™ fabric. Developed in the late 1990’s, CARBON SHIELD is a flame resistant fabric breakthrough based on carbon fiber technology. The fabric simply won’t burn in air. Considered the ultimate high-tech fabric for thermal protection and comfort. Recent fabric developments include two new tri-blends – ARA-TEK FR™ and PARA-TEK FR™. Ara-Tek FR blends Meta-Aramid, Lenzing FR and High Tenacity Nylon. The result is fabric with similar comfort and moisture absorbency to the popular Nomex/Lenzing FR blend at a lower price. The addition of the High Tenacity Nylon enhances both durability and arc resistance. Para-Tek FR blends Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR and High Tenacity Nylon. Tests show Para-Tek FR has the lowest char length of any hood fabric we’ve ever tested. In addition, Para-Tek FR fabric had an outstanding arc rating – 34.4 (HRC  3) for double ply hoods, ounce per ounce the highest of any hood fabric on the market.


Our strong commitment to inventory and state of the art manufacturing facility allows PGI to provide unparalleled worldwide support to our customers. Additionally, we’ve built our reputation over the past half century designing products for our customer’s specific needs. Whether the solution to your specific requirement requires a custom fabric or modified construction, or both, PGI’s R & D is prepared to work with you to develop the best product for your individual needs.